Istanbul – Day 3

After a night visiting some of the cafes and night clubs on Esteghlal Street, day 3 started with a visit to the Grand Bazaar.  A huge bazaar where you can buy anything from jewelry to slinkies.  There was so much activity in the bazaar that I realized later I didn’t take any photos except this one:

After the bazaar we walked towards the Galata Tower.  An old castle tower used in Ottoman times to overlook and guard the Bosporus strait.  The walk through the old streets of Istanbul was beautiful and enjoyable even though it started raining off an on.  I took this photo just between a couple of rain showers:

Once at the Galata Tower we enjoyed the amazing views from the top and, at one point, the call for prayers echoed form every corner of the city below.

We descended the tower and walked across the Galata Bridge to take in the views and observe the activity on and around it.  The plan was to visit a mosque on the other side of the bridge (I forgot the name of it) but as it turned out, the mosque was being renovated and inaccessible.  The mosque keeper (is there such a thing?) invited us in (backstage :)) and proudly showed us how they were planning to improve the structure.  For some reason he thought we were interested ;).

Anyways, the Galata Bridge was bustling with activity:

We continued walking through the old streets of Istanbul to visit the Basilica Cistern.  This is where fresh water was stored for the old city of Constantinople since Roman times.  This underground structure was amazing to see. Roman pillars held up the cistern.  Some of these pillars were recycled from other buildings.  There were some blocks carved in the shape of Medusa’s head holding up a few pillars.  It was obvious that these blocks were re-used from another structure.

At the end of a busy day we return to our hotel but not before enjoying some Turkish Donars.  Here are some other random photos from day 3:


6 thoughts on “Istanbul – Day 3

  1. I think I will definitely need to go to the Galata Tower next time. I have not seen the bird eye view that you have in your photos before.
    How did you find Grand Bazaar? We had bad experiences with the shopkeepers there, who pushed us out of the shops if we spent more than 5 minutes looking at the souvenirs. It was the first time I experienced that anywhere in the world.

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