Montreux, Switzerland: The playground of the rich and famous

Montreux is a resort town for the rich and famous.  Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, it is most famous for its jazz festival, posh hotels and casinos.  It is also very picturesque.  Hence, here are some photographs I took during my visit.


123 thoughts on “Montreux, Switzerland: The playground of the rich and famous

  1. I lived in Montreux and I wouldn’t call it a playground for the rich and famous, even though Eric Clapton used my computer in the Palace Internet Cafe before we had an Internet connection at home.

      1. Switzerland is even more fun by train, Amelie. As a tourist you can get a half-fare card for 110CHF, and that will allow you to pay 50% off on all your tickets. Or you could get a monthly pass for about 443CHF (ages 17-26), which allows you to travel as much as you wish on all Swiss train, buses and boats, with some minor exceptions.

        Thanks, Milad, for the photos. You made me very nostalgic for Switzerland. We just moved out of it a few months ago, after spending 5 years there. I hope to keep visiting often.

  2. Sobrang ganda (It is so beautiful!), I certainly did not see something like this when I went to Switzerland, that’s because I only made it to Basel 🙂

  3. I love the whole region around the Lac Léman specially the small wine villages. Once at Rivaz, close to Vevey and Montreux, we have found a very nice Wine Bar, small but with an extremely friendly owner, fan of Swiss wines. And sure, the Château de Chillon, one of the most didactic castle I have ever visited in Europe.

  4. I have often wondered the whereabout of Montreaux because I have heard of the jazz festival. You now answered my question. Thank you. Enjoyed your photos too.

  5. Incredibly beautiful…makes me want to visit the home of some of my ancestors. LOVE the poppies! Congrats on being freshly pressed! You are very worthy…talented!

  6. We are not rich or famous, but we did get married in the grounds of that chateaux there! The dents du midi is one of my favourite views on earth. Beautiful, lovely blog to stumble across 🙂

  7. I would love to go to the swiss alps i have always wanted to ever since i was a little boy do not know for shure but i know it is so like heven that i believe ik love to look at mountins all kinds thank you Bruce

  8. Growing in Montreux, I can tell you that Montreux is a resort town for the rich and famous…. Only two weeks a year… during the Montreux Jazz Festival!
    The remaining 350 days, it’s a very quiet town but with normal people (normal Swiss people …;-)) as elsewhere, I can reassure you!

  9. Hope you had time to vist Freddy’s statue at the lake shore of place du marché. That is one of my favourite spots.

  10. I love your photography and the places are so beautiful! It must have been so wonderful to watch all these in person. Lovely photos! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  11. Reminds me a lot of Downtown Detroit…or not. 🙂 New Zealand & Switzerland are on my bucket list. Nice Pix!

  12. wow! amazing photography, I’m a fan already lol. Switzerland is such a beautiful place. I’ve been to Zurich myself. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve seen so far.

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